Emma Cwiklinski

I am a second year Biological Sciences student at Josephine Butler. One of the multiple reasons I am interested is neuroscience is to learn how neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Dementia and Schizophrenia develop and how they affect the brain functioning and lives of individuals who are diagnosed. I also want to learn ways that these disorders can be prevented or treated. My role within the society is to help assist in the planning of any events we decide to host as well as being one of the ports of call for any queries you may have about the society. We have many exciting events and talks planned for the coming year and I hope you all enjoy and take part!

Catherine Whittle
President & Founder

I am studying Natural Sciences (Biology & Psychology) at Josephine Butler. I have long been intrigued by the processes that drive physical and cognitive diversity, particularly those beyond an individual’s control. However, this interest was only manifested as a love for neuroscience last year when I joined the Insect Neuro Lab in Durham. There I studied the olfactory system of mosquitoes, particularly focusing on the role of olfactory neurons in relaying and integrating external sensory information. I particularly like the experimental flexibility of studying animal models to develop an understanding of the underlying neural processes relevant to humans.

Tim Wise

I am a second year bioscience student from Castle college. I have a fascination for neuroscience, especially how brain development and deterioration influences all aspects of our lives, from behaviour to cognitive ability. Learning and languages also intrigue me as to how different approaches work for different people and how our brains put meaning to just noise or squiggles on a page. My role as Treasurer, other than making sure numbers match for money, is to ensure that DUNE is inclusive financially so that everyone who wants to can learn about and get involved with neuroscience. For this reason I have ensured that membership to the society is free!

Elwyn Rowlands
Publicity Officer

I am a second year Music Student at Van Mildert College. It may seem odd to find a music student among the exec for the Durham Neuroscience Society, but I have always enjoyed learning about music’s impact on the brain during my spare time. I enjoy finding out about possible clinical benefits of music therapy for conditions like Alzheimer’s to learning about how different genres of music stimulate different areas of the brain. When I’m not playing either violin or piano and being a complete and utter music geek in general, you will usually find me reading a book or doodling.

Megan Ratcliffe
Vice President

I am commencing my second year where I study Computer Science and Biology as part of my Natural Sciences degree. I am at John’s college. I am really interested in science research and communication and am really keen on making sure than neuroscience society remains accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about the field and allows people to expand their knowledge and hopefully gain more opportunities. Outside of the society I love theatre, aikido and running.

Orsolya Fölsz
Academic Officer

I am currently in my second year studying Biosciences at Durham. My main interests lie in neurobiology and molecular biology. I am eager to know more about how the brain controls complex processes such as sensation and cognition on a molecular, single cell and circuit level. Among other topics, I am interested in neurobiology research in insects and how it can help us better understand the human brain and behaviour. As neuroscience isn’t covered in depth in my course, I am looking forward to learning more about the field in DUNE with fellow students from various disciplines.