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DUNE Welcome Event!

On Monday 5th October the society was thrilled to host it’s first ever event! We held the meeting on Zoom to be accessible during the pandemic and aimed to make the environment as relaxed as possible.

The evening started with a PowerPoint presentation where we outlined the society’s general aims and plans for the year. Each exec member introduced themselves and spoke a little about their role within the society.

Next came the main event of the evening – neuroscience bingo! Questions were read out by the President and the bingo cards (auto-generated using an external website) provided a selection of answers. The questions mixed scientific facts with some more entertaining, if slightly questionable, cryptic clues. Highlights of the latter category included:

‘The most famous song in Cats’ – Memory

‘The best way to get rid of headaches’ – Trepanning

‘I don’t understand’ – Wernicke’s Aphasia

‘Woof woof ding ding’ – Pavlov

It’s safe to say that we all had a good laugh and learnt something too! Thank you to everyone who came and I look forward to hopefully seeing you again soon.

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